Eye Level/Enopi (South Korea) Vs. Kumon (Japan): Which is Better?

This chart is the culmination of years of research that I have done on this topic. Parents ask me this question all of the time so we have put together this comparison chart. Please come in for Free Testing so we can demonstrate how effective our Eye-Level Approach can be! Eye-Level (Enopi) vs. Kumon – Which is better? […]

Deadline to Sign Up For G &T Test is Tomorrow!

Registration for G&T test ends this Friday, November 8th Until November 8th you can register your child for the G&T test through the Dept of Education website. Children born in 2009 are eligible for Kindergarten seats in 2014 and those born is 2008 are eligible for 1st grade seats. We recommend registering as soon as […]

In ‘Flipped’ Classrooms, a Method for Mastery – New York Times Article

OCTOBER 23, 2013, 11:15 AM In ‘Flipped’ Classrooms, a Method for Mastery By TINA ROSENBERG In traditional schooling, time is a constant and understanding is a variable. A fifth-grade class will spend a set number of days on prime factorization and then move on to study greatest common factors — whether or not every student is ready. […]