Common Core academic standards force teachers to work on critical thinking over memorization

Dear NYC Families, More and more news articles are pointing out the importance of critical thinking over memorization in the New Common Core Curriculum. In Eye Level we utilize both methods making for a very balances approach.  We cement the fundamental skills that children need however we also are constantly challenging our students to think […]

Bloomberg – U.S. Students Get Stuck in Middle of the Pack on OECD Test

Dear Parents, Below is an interesting article that highlights the gap between our students and those of other schools with leading educational programs.  The OECD test showed that students in Shanghai and Singapore were the leaders of the pack.  Eye Level, a math and english supplementary program, is designed to work with the public schools […]

Fox News – Common Core academic standards force teachers to work on critical thinking over memorization

Remembering the plot of a short story is no longer good enough in teacher Amy Lawson’s fifth-grade classroom. Today’s students are being asked to think more critically. For example, what might a character say in an email to a friend? “It’s hard. But you can handle this,” Lawson tells them. Welcome to a classroom using […]

Chinese, Korean Students Top in OECD PISA Math Tests

Dear NYC Families, I have been reading on Bloomberg that the United States currently Ranks 27th in Math.  I think we can all agree that is not good. Especially because all of the futures high paying jobs in STEM highly rely on math. Eye-Level is South Korea’s #1 Supplemental Math Program  and education company with over […]

Learn how Eye Level supports the new common core standards!

Q: Does Eye Level follow the Common Core curriculum? A: The Eye Level program covers the majority of the topics included in the mathematics and English language arts Common Core Standards through its distinctive curriculum emphasizing both basic skills and complex applications in critical thinking and problem solving. Topics are introduced in a linear progression, […]

Give your child the gift of learning this season!

This season is a time for giving, so why don’t you give your child a gift that will keep on giving.  With Eye Level, your child can excel in math and english! Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each […]

Eye Level Learning Center’s Math & English Tutoring Helps Prevent Summer Brain Drain

While children may eagerly look forward to a long summer of video games and television, parents and educators have a much different vision for how a student’s time is best spent until September. The dreaded summer brain drain – an occurrence when students forget much of the material learned in the previous academic year – […]