Secrets to Standardized Testing Success

Although classroom and study habits have changed with advances in technology, standardized testing remains a constant measure for students. It is an efficient tool to categorize and compare student performance, whether for achievement, placement, or measuring aptitude. Preparing for these tests is just as important as mastering the material. Below are helpful tips from Eye […]

Is U.S. math education improving?

Below is an article from the Christian Science Monitor: The United States is number one in a sector it has struggled to conquer in recent decades: math. This week, high school students from across the globe gathered in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for the International Mathematical Olympiad. Hailed as the “hardest ever” competition by The Guardian, […]

How much have we missed by not concentrating on spatial intelligence?

Our Eye Level math differentiates itself from other math enrichment programs with our Critical Thinking Math (CTM) portion.  Our individualized Critical Thinking Math curriculum focuses primarily on spatial intelligence and reasoning, strengthening these skills in children as young as 3 years old.  But why is spatial reasoning so important?  Below is an article from Quartz by […]