Can You Pass a Third Grade New York State Common Core ELA Standardized Test?

NYS Common Core Test Question Stumps Children and Adults On Monday, the New York State Department of Education made available some of the test questions that appeared on the New York State Common Core ELA and Math standardized tests.  As parents and educators took a closer look at the questions presented, it became apparent that […]

Parents become learning partners under Common Core

As common core is adopted by more and more schools across the nation, an emerging trend is presenting itself: the children aren’t the only ones struggling.  Parents attempting to help their children with their common core homework assignments are realizing that they aren’t much help!  The Atlantic wrote an article, featured below, about how parents […]

How making math “mistakes” supports learning

One of the fundamental components of our Eye Level math program is letting students work at their own pace and attempt to fix their mistakes.  While it may seem unproductive,students actually benefit greatly from making mistakes in math.  Below is an article from Katrina Schwartz at KQED News where she reports on the teaching theories […]