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How to Prevent The Summer Slide With Eye Level NY

Sliding down a waterslide in summer is thrilling for kids, but there’s another slide that’s not as enjoyable – the “summer slide.” This type of slide causes a drop in vital reading and math skills.  Each year, students return to school in a worse state than before the summer break. While a break is essential, […]

3 Ways To Finish The NYC School Year Strong

As May begins, student motivation fades with the arrival of warm weather, turning eagerness to learn into laziness as they wait for the final bell. But, don’t let them run away from school and close the textbooks just yet! Instead, use these 4 tips to check in with your child and promote a strong finish […]

The Benefits of Enrichment Learning During a Pandemic

How Enrichment Centers Help Students in Remote Learning Environments With remote learning as the new norm, students’ ability to learn is being affected. Without the traditional classroom, many are finding it difficult to stay engaged. Teacher’s ability to adapt their lessons to the students has left many at a disadvantage. As a result of all […]

Eye Level Support for Online Learning

Online learning has been a reality for some time. Just a few months ago, however, many of us had yet to teach or experience an online class. Now, without warning, students and teachers across the globe are being forced to learn new technologies and receive or deliver instruction via virtual platforms.  The Risks of Online […]