Virtual Summer Programs

Our virtual Summer camps offer a unique way for children to stay engaged and entertained this summer by exploring topics such as STEAM as well as Musical Theater.   These camps also include online tutoring in Math, Reading, and Writing utilizing our Eye Level On-Air Program.

Families can choose to join these programs which provide instruction every day Monday – Friday for up to 10 weeks this summer.  Recent research has show intensive programs like this are extremely effective in reversing the covid-slide that children have recently been affected by.

Whether you would like to boost your child’s learning with one of our virtual camp programs or with our weekly tutoring programs, we have a great personalized solution for your child this summer.  Contact us so that we can discuss the best options for your child!  

Partnered up with Manhattan Enrichment, online campers can get the same awesome FTKNY STEAM Summer program from the comfort of their home, or join Blair Lord’s musical theatre program and let out the inner star. Both programs are paired up with our Math + English summer programs to avoid summer brain drain!

This year, Super Kids Academy is hosting an online summer camp that will combine music, visual arts, theater, dance, and fitness for a diverse daily experience. A small group of students will participate together in a rotating schedule of sessions of Musical Theater, Visual Arts, and Music Instrumental classes.  This is in addition to daily Eye Level Math and English Instruction for fight the “Covid Slide”.

2 exciting virtual camp options for your children this summer! Choose from FasTracKids Summer STEAM OR Musical theater (Featuring Blair Lord). Both programs can include math + English to keep your kids brain sharp through the summer!