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ACT Math Scores Decline

ACT Math Scores Decline

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As the parent of a young student, you needn’t look far to see evidence of the math crisis facing American schools. Another clear indicator of our nation’s failure to prepare kids to excel in math can be found in this year’s ACT results. This popular entrance exam is used by most colleges and universities to measure students’ college readiness, and it directly informs admissions decisions. 

Signs of Struggle

More than 1.9 Million members of the 2018 national graduating class took the ACT. The results bring to light a 20-year low in mathematics achievement, with the average math score having declined over the last five years and remained stagnant for the last 30. Worse yet, fewer than half of the students who took the 2018 ACT met the math benchmark that projects the ability to earn a B or C in college coursework. These outcomes reveal the critical need for extracurricular math enrichment if kids are to excel in STEM courses of study and access the science, engineering, and technology jobs of the future. 

Change is critical.

The clear takeaway is that schools are failing to help children succeed in math and to prepare them for college and the workforce adequately. Trends in ACT scores also signal that the problem is still getting worse. Though the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has called for an overhaul to the way math is taught in high school, it’s clear that today’s current students are in dire need of educational opportunities beyond the classroom. Fortunately, NYC parents have a variety of out-of-school enrichment activities from which to choose. The challenge is to find an engaging program that meets your child where he or she is and that has demonstrated real-world results. Eye Level Math is just such a program. 

An Extraordinary Opportunity

Eye Level Math thoroughly prepares children using a systematic small-step program that teaches both critical-thinking math as well as computational skills and has a proven track record for helping children become college ready starting very early in their lives. The uniqueness of this approach lies in the engaging activities and the personalized pace developed for every student. Progressing to more advanced material is based on understanding and mastery of the concepts that come before. We believe that teaching is most effective when the teacher understands the learning needs of the student, so Eye Level math moves at the pace of your child. 

Honing Multiple Math Skills

Eye Level Math takes each student through a continuum of study areas covering basic skills, as well as advanced concepts and applications. Each level emphasizes critical thinking through reasoning skills such as sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing, and critiquing – skills students can apply to everyday life. This opportunity is invaluable for US families and should be considered at the top of the priority list as you evaluate extracurricular activities. This exceptional Math Enrichment program, if started early and continued consistently, can also help prevent your child from needing math tutoring in the future.

To learn more about the Eye Level approach to teaching mathematics and its potential benefits for your child, schedule a free, no-obligation diagnostic assessment with Eye Level today.

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