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Access Mastery-Based Learning in NYC

Access Mastery-Based Learning in NYC

Mastery-Based Success Stories

A recent Future of Learning piece in The Hechinger Report showcased an inspiring use of mastery-based learning from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in North Carolina. In Molly Nealeigh’s fourth-grade math classroom, students complete assessments every 12 weeks, but they’re free of the pressure imposed on kids by standardized tests. Instead, they’re empowered. These students understand the testing, review the results themselves, and identify their own pathways for improvement. Then they engage in teacher-supported, self-directed study. The results have been impressive and include students celebrating their educational freedom, with some choosing to work on classwork at home, during school breaks, and even into the summer.

A Turning Tide?

Thus far in the United States, the mastery-based approach to learning has mostly been limited to specialized schools and individual teachers’ classrooms. However, thanks to results like those seen in Nealeigh’s classroom, more educators are taking an interest. In an era when education at large is moving toward standardization, approaches like mastery-based learning break the mold. To be implemented on a large scale, the strategy would require schools to do away with traditional grading systems. There’s certainly reason to hope, however; Vermont and Maine are the first states to pass laws requiring schools to phase in the system. More excitingly for us, mastery-based learning has been implemented at 40+ schools in New York City – and counting.

Math, Reading & Writing Enrichment for NYC Students

Regardless of the position your child’s school takes on the matter, a self-directed learning approach is available to all New York parents thanks to Eye Level math, reading, and writing enrichment programs for children ages 3-14. Learning centers in Staten Island, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island (Williston Park) offer a Mastery-Based Learning System where students learn at their own pace. Eye Level’s systematic, individualized program caters to students of all abilities using a proven learning method. Each child has a customized starting point depending on their ability, regardless of age or school grade. From there, each student’s progress is driven by the pace at which he or she learns.

Access the Benefits

The great thing about Eye Level’s NYC enrichment programs is that they’re available to all students outside the classroom, year-round. The positive outcomes of mastery-based learning are astounding. The stress and pressure of school give way to confidence and curiosity. Students get to flex their strengths and learn through experimentation and revision while also receiving the educational support they need. Unlike other math and reading enrichment programs, Eye Level’s supplemental programming makes mastery-based learning available to any student. To get more information about specific programs, schedule a free diagnostic assessment today.

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