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Math: It’s a Brain Matter

Math: It’s a Brain Matter

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Are you already seeing signs that your young child won’t be a math person? Don’t believe it. While nature does have a role to play, math achievement isn’t the product of inherent strengths. Mathematical abilities are formed by the kinds of experiences that build brain connections and empower thought about complex problems. It’s what we call nurture! When a child fails to excel in math, it’s likely that he or she just hasn’t been getting these types of experiences, in the classroom or otherwise. 

The Potential for Proficiency

What if you could give your child all the skills they need to excel in math long before those skills are ever required in the classroom? We’re here to tell you that you can and you should. We know that early childhood is a time of tremendous brain growth. New research also shows that human intelligence can be improved through hard work and effective teaching. Thus, parents have a vital window of opportunity to maximize learning and brain growth when their children are very young. By engaging kids in positive, constructive math experiences early, we can foster the neural connections that enable systematic thinking, sequence and pattern recognition, and problem-solving. To put it plainly, thinking mathematically builds math skills and overall intelligence

To build & maintain, exercise.

Unfortunately, math-related learning doesn’t happen overnight or by osmosis. Since it requires you to create connections and recognize patterns, math takes work. Similarly to how physical exercise builds muscles, mathematical thinking strengthens the brain. In addition to forming the foundation for later academic achievement, the early study of math increases critical thinking ability and contributes to overall intelligence. You’ve seen aging seniors do crossword puzzles and play cards to stay sharp; well, young people with growing brains benefit from mental exercises and cognitive fitness, too.  

Set your child up for math success.

To encourage the math-related brain connections that can be built upon down the road, it’s vital for parents to offer their kids positive math experiences at younger ages. You have the opportunity to propel your child to his or her fullest cognitive potential by introducing supplemental math activities as early as possible. The resulting edge will alleviate classroom stress and homework struggles, and reduce the likelihood that you’ll need tutors down the road. To access a proven-successful math enrichment program that meets your child where he or she is – every step of the way – schedule a free diagnostic assessment with Eye Level

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