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Tired of Kumon?

Tired of Kumon?

Expose your child to a new approach to learning with Eye Level!

No Timed Drilling

Eye Level lets students learn at their own pace through constant progressive exercises.

Critical Thinking

Eye Level has a Critical Thinking
Math component, in which students develop problem solving skills.  Students work on patterns, shapes, reasoning,
measurements, puzzles, and more.  The
material in our critical thinking component is parallel with new material
introduced to schools based on common core standards.

Child Friendly

Eye Level uses colorful books
filled with cartoons, coloring activities, and comics. Teacher
Eye Level teachers work in small
ratios (max 3:1, usually 2:1)


Eye Level teaches basic concepts
using blocks, shapes, and other hands-on materials.


Eye Level introduces children to
word problems and gives them the ability to diagnose, interpret, and solve


Eye Level never keeps children on
a level they have already mastered.


Eye Level teaches sentence
structure and grammar skills, in addition to reading comprehension.


Eye Level uses certified instructors
instead of assistants.

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