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The Benefits of Enrichment Learning During a Pandemic

The Benefits of Enrichment Learning During a Pandemic


How Enrichment Centers Help Students in Remote Learning Environments

With remote learning as the new norm, students’ ability to learn is being affected. Without the traditional classroom, many are finding it difficult to stay engaged. Teacher’s ability to adapt their lessons to the students has left many at a disadvantage. As a result of all this many student’s social-emotional development is at risk.

Enrichment programs have become an even more vital tool during these times. Learning through enrichment-based programs gives students the individual attention they need. It helps them engage in ways more catered to them, stay motivated, and feel supported. These centers give that support in real-time. They allow students to have someone at hand to help them learn at their own pace. Enrichment educators can change their approach to the many ways kids learn.

Many students in New York are soon to return or have already returned to school. Enrichment programs can help fill that gap left from being away from the classroom.

How Being Away from School Impacts Education

For many in the Staten Island and New York City area, the traditional classroom has been absent for too long. Most studies show that students fall behind the most during the summer break. The break from in-school learning is going much longer than that and kids are being affected. The pandemic has kept students away from the classroom longer than many thought. Though remote learning has replaced it, it is still not enough for many to keep up.

“One of the first areas that really concerns us is the amount that children forget when they’re not in school. The most recent studies show that just in a matter of two, three, four weeks, children begin to regress academically and socially. For many children, they’ve been out of school now between three months and 12 months.”

This absence has also affected the mental health of many students. Remote learning can often leave kids feeling stranded from the help they need. Also without face-to-face teaching, many students can often feel unmotivated. Without these in-person interactions, many students are having a harder time with communication. As a result, some can be more likely to suffer from anxiety or depression.

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