Math Enrichment Tutoring Programs In New York City

Available In Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Island

Eye Level Math helps kids catch up and stay ahead.

We teach problem-solving skills in small steps that can be applied to real life.

The math enrichment program walks students through many study areas that covers everything from basic skills to advanced concepts. Our programĀ builds a strong base of math knowledge which gradually grows into more advanced theory and applications.

Eye Level’s certified tutors teach critical thinking through reasoning skills such as sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing and critiquing. Therefore giving students skills they can apply to everyday life.

Eye Level Math Works With The School Curriculum

Above all it’s important for your child to learn what’s being taught in their classroom. A basic and critical thinking approach helps teach harder math concepts but also helps your kid learn what’s next in school. Because our math enrichment programs build a strong foundation it gives your child tools to use as they move from concept to concept and even more from grade to grade.Ā 

Eye Level NY offers classes for kids in different age groups so we can support almost any child’s learning journey. Schedule your free assessment to get started!