Eye Level NY Homeschool Help & Assistance Programs

After almost two years of academic uncertainty, parents are playing the role of both parent AND teacher with the rise of homeschooling. 

Eye Level NY is proud to announce our¬†Homeschool Help program ‚Äď a new¬†in-person program¬†offering small group classes (Pods) for K to 5th¬†grade students across NYC that help children with their virtual schooling as well as provides an enrichment learning experience which will help them develop further with their academic skills and fill in any holes of knowledge that may be missing. It’s truly the best of both worlds because we will help with your childs’ existing school curriculum while still giving them all of the advantages of our world-renowned math and English tutoring and enrichment programs!¬† ¬†

These small in person groups will cap out at 10 students with 2 teachers max for a 5:1 student to teacher ratio Max!  These micro-schools are offering a very small educational environment where you child can learn safely utilizing the best in enrichment program offerings available to children today.  Please hurry as our space is extremely limited!

This program is ideal for children who decided to opt for their school’s hybrid model or for students who opted for full remote instruction.¬† Our program is extremely flexible and can accommodate¬†almost any schedule.¬† Best of all tuition is charged on a weekly basis which makes our program the most convenient¬†and flexible program in NY!¬†

Join us before we fill up for the fall!

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