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Math and English Enrichment in Grasmere Staten Island

Franco Verdino, the regional director of FasTracKids and Eye-Level, holds a BBA from Baruch College in Finance & Marketing and has been named Top Licensee of the year with Enopi (now Eye-Level) in 2009, 2010 and 2011.  Franco takes great pride in watching his Staten Island students grow confident and succeeded! He has seen lots of amazing things happen with his students over the past 16 years of being an educational director and looks forward everyday to help children reach their full potential!

The Key to Unlocking Potential

At our Grasmere – Staten Island Eye Level enrichment center, our core principal is “I am the key.” With a small-step philosophy and a mastery teaching approach, we believe that children can reach high levels and realize their full potential  –  whether they’re starting out at a low level or at a very high level in Math or English. We’ve proven that, when kids get one-on-one instruction according to their own unique strengths, weaknesses, and ideal starting point, the sky’s the limit. Using auditory, visual, tactile, and kinesthetic styles of learning, our instructors partner with your child to engage all senses and find the best way to learn. The result is a personalized learning plan designed to address gaps, achieve genuine understanding, and enhance targeted skills.

Why hire a tutor when you can have a certified teacher?  

Who wants to catch up when there’s the option to overcome, accelerate, and excel? When lifelong learning and ongoing achievement are your goals, tutoring alone is unlikely to deliver. The specially trained instructors of Eye Level Grasmere provide Math, English, Reading and Writing instruction via teaching methods designed to fit your child’s unique needs. Just like tutoring, Eye Level’s student-focused Math, Reading, and Writing enrichment programs pinpoint learning problems. Unlike tutoring, they solve them by building overall learning ability, confidence, and enthusiasm toward learning. Our tutors work with children to increase their level — small step by small step – to ensure mastery in both Math and English.

Learn about our STUDY PROCESS and schedule a Free Diagnostic test.

At Eye Level, we provide proven, systematic, individualized learning. Before joining Eye Level, a child is given a diagnostic test that sets the starting point of the program and the study road map.

Upon enrollment, your child will receive close attention and guidance in achieving mastery of each level with our small-step curriculum and 1:1 coaching. Our unique system is far more effective than just plain tutoring!

We support students – and their parents.

Eye Level’s approach ensures parents are involved and informed every step of the way. Our certified instructors partner with you and your child to make a personalized learning plan. After each one-on-one tutoring session, parents are given an on-the-spot report about their child’s learning progress. To support learning year-round, the Staten Island’s Grasmere learning center also offers summer camp and summer reading programs. With enrichment at Eye Level, your child will feel more confident for their next day of Math or English class, whether it’s the day after tomorrow or after summer break. 

Tutoring Teaches. Eye Level Empowers.

Eye Level’s Math & English enrichment programs deliver the one-on-one attention of tutoring — plus a proven learning program designed to empower student achievement. By overcoming today’s challenges with Eye Level, your child will gain a blueprint for mastering difficult material in the future. Whether your child finds school frustratingly difficult or mind-numbingly easy, Eye Level enrichment offers the most comprehensive, tailored, and effective solution available near Grasmere. Our child-centered philosophy for teaching children has transformed the way kids learn math and English in more than 1,500+ centers and 18 countries worldwide since 1976. To find out how our conveniently located Staten Island – Grasmere learning center can benefit your child, schedule a free diagnostic assessment today.