HUGE East Village discounts for 6 and 12 month packages of Eye Level Math and English Mastery classes and weekly Summer Programs.

Fight off the Covid Slide and Inflation with Eye Level Learning!

Discounted Math OR English Monthly Rates:

Originally $300 Monthly

6 Month Package

17% Discount
$ 1500 /6 Months
  • 4 Sessions Per Month

12 Month Package

33% Discount
$ 2400 /Year
  • 4 Sessions Per Month

* You can freeze your classes for the summer time (July/August) and continue on in September, we will extend your enrollment period by 2 months if you freeze.  If you freeze for 3 months or more there will be a $50.00 reactivation fee. There is no fee for a 1 or 2 month freeze. The reason for this is beyond 2 months children regress and therefore we need to retest them to obtain their new levels.

** if you enroll for Math and English just simply double the numbers listed above, and double the savings!!

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Take advantage of huge savings now and give your children the best gift 🎁 for their future, a strong education!!!

The COVID Slide. It’s a name for what most parents were fearing for their kids. A well-documented phenomenon, robs kids of years of academic progress. 

  • In the past 3 years, millions of children in the USA have experienced learning loss.
  • Horace Mann Educators Corporation’s study found that 97% of students had some degree of learning loss. 
  • Through tutoring, students can drastically raise their academic performance to levels higher than 98% of their peers. Plus, it encourages them to stay in school longer and boosts the chances for even greater success!
  • Tutoring offers a vital bridge between children and parents, allowing them to collaborate together in finding the perfect learning style for each individual child. With this extra guidance, families can ensure their kids receive every educational opportunity available!

    Eye Level is a great fit for:
  • Students who are struggling in school and need help getting caught up
  • Students who are excelling in school and need a challenge
  • And every student in between!