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Eye Level Learning Center’s Math & English Tutoring Helps Prevent Summer Brain Drain

Eye Level Learning Center’s Math & English Tutoring Helps Prevent Summer Brain Drain

While children may eagerly look forward to a long summer of video games and television, parents and educators have a much different vision for how a student’s time is best spent until September. The dreaded summer brain drain – an occurrence when students forget much of the material learned in the previous academic year – can be avoided with the help of Eye Level Learning Center’s specialized English and math tutoring. 
The academic enrichment center offers Math & English classes all summer, designed to help children retain their previous lessons and continue to build upon what they have learned all year.
Combining the New Common Core Curriculum with an E.nopi influenced methodology, Eye Level Learning Center captivates students and improves mathematical thinking and English language skills through an innovative approach. All lessons are taught at the pace of the student and in consideration of his or her “eye level,” ultimately encouraging a self-driven thirst for learning.
Summer brain drain is a thing of the past for students of Eye Level Learning Center. Parents can see their children’s academic improvements after a summer of consistent two-hour sessions each week. Kids can get ready for the upcoming academic year and be prepared for a fresh new curriculum in September with the help of FasTracKids / Eye Level Learning Center’s Math & English tutoring. 
To register for English and math tutoring, visit Eye Level Learning Center online or call (718) 494-1232 for a free testing today!

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