Help your children avoid the summer slide with this Williston Park summer program

Help your children avoid the summer slide with this Williston Park summer program

Eye Level of Williston Park is now offering a summer program to help prevent the summer slide. The summer program–which puts an emphasis on skills such as basic and critical thinking, problem solving, grammar, and vocabulary—consists of one hour of math instruction   and one hour of reading comprehension and writing. Children are monitored by and work closely with instructors and are given feedback on their performance.

“The summer slide refers to the fact that most children tend to forget three months worth of academic progress over the summer,” says Franco Verdino, Eye Level Williston Park marketing director. “It starts in June and continues until school starts again in September. It happens to most children.”

Eye Level’s summer program is extremely flexible for families and summertime schedules, offering weekday and weekend hours. Students can come in for as little as an hour a week or as much as four days a week for more intensive programs.

Each child receives a personal curriculum at Eye Level.  Upon registration, each child is given a pretest to determine what academic level he is at. Throughout the program, students are monitored by his/her teacher and given take-home booklets further practice so he can further progress with their studies.

By not keeping up with his/her studies during summer breaks, Verdino believes that students are doing themselves a disservice, and, as a result, leads to struggling to keep up with their schoolwork—either barely keeping up or falling completely behind.

“Even spending one or two hours a week can help children progress,” Verdino says.

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