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Math Enrichment for Preschool Age

Math Enrichment for Preschool Age


“Kids are coming to school with such variability in their math knowledge. Parents can make a difference.” That’s a quote from Erica Zippert, co-author of a study exploring the early home math environment.

Parents have the power!

As a parent actively engaged in your preschooler’s preparation for school, it’s the kind of thing you love to hear. Parents create the home environment, and there’s a lot you can do to support your children’s academic readiness and growth outside of school. This particular study, out of Vanderbilt University, found opportunities for parents to help their young children even more when it comes to building early math skills. 

Caught Up in the Numbers

It might be generational and fading, but there’s still a belief among many parents that counting and identifying numbers are the best (or only) skills to work on at home. The study’s findings suggest that, even when parents support many different math skills, they’re still giving priority to numeracy – helping kids understand and work with numbers. Often, it’s because they underestimate the complex concepts their children are capable of understanding!

Patterns & Systems

The opportunity for parents isn’t to focus less on numeracy skills, but to work on patterning and spatial skills more. It helps to think of mathematics, not just as a system of numbers, but also as a framework for analyzing and understanding the world. Preschoolers are natural explorers who are hungry for you to give them ways to make sense of the world around them! Patterns, shapes, space, and relationships are some of the concepts that help kids build a broader foundation for future learning and achievement.

Support for Parents

Now that you know about the opportunity to give your preschooler an edge, you just have to make it happen! If that sounds daunting, math enrichment with Eye Level New York can help. We nurture problem solvers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners, starting at about the age when they’re able to hold a pencil. Our curriculum takes each child through a step-by-step process that empowers him or her to become a confident, self-directed learner. It starts with a diagnostic assessment where we’ll identify your child’s starting point. Then he or she will learn and master each concept through an individually tailored experience – not by pure repetition or memorization.

Subject Matter + Structure & Socialization

Shockingly, Eye Level is the only New York enrichment program that offers a critical thinking component. We begin with basic thinking math to build the foundation of mathematics learning, but over time that gradually grows to include reasoning skills such like sequencing, comparing, planning, hypothesizing, analyzing and critiquing. At the preschool level, our lessons are designed to be fun and to build the foundation for these later, more advanced math skills. Your child will get to interact with other young learners, but our low student-to-teacher ratio ensures the individual attention your child deserves.

Ready to learn more?

Eye Level NY offers classes for kids in different age groups, so we can support almost any child’s learning journey. We have flexible scheduling and eight convenient New York locations across Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. Schedule your free assessment to get started!

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