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NEW! Introducing Our Eye Level Math Word Problems

NEW! Introducing Our Eye Level Math Word Problems

Introducing Our New Eye Level Word Problems Booklet !
Thank you for entrusting Eye Level for your child’s supplemental education. In order to enhance your child’s learning experience in the math program, Eye Level’s Instruction and Research & Development teams have developed a series of word problem booklets for Levels 5 through 15. These levels focus on reinforcing the fundamental concepts of the four operations, which are the building blocks for the advanced concepts in later levels.
Our word problem booklets are designed to contain multi-step problems that require reasoning with a variety of question types. These booklets aim to help students apply what they have learned in each level. At the same time, some questions are more challenging than the ones provided in the existing levels. This gives the students an opportunity to apply what they know in a new context.
Booklet Structure:
   – 11 different levels of booklets
   – 15 – 20 word problem questions per booklet

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