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Preventing the COVID Slide

Preventing the COVID Slide

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The COVID Slide. It’s a name for what most parents are fearing for their kids. The summer slide, which is well-documented, already robs kids of at least two months of academic progress and requires six weeks of relearning each fall. This year, summer break is being combined with coronavirus shutdowns, adding up to an unprecedented 6 months without school for most American students. Experts are warning parents and educators to prepare for major learning loss over the summer. 

An Unresolved Problem

Unfortunately, a far-reaching solution has yet to be rolled out. School reactions have been all over the map. Educators are busy trying to work out what going back to school will look like in the fall. Even when that has been decided, the focus will be on reacting to learning loss, as opposed to preventing it. This situation has parents across the United States searching for answers and options to help their kids overcome the COVID slide. 

Parents need resources.

While experts recommend creating a schedule and integrating reading and math into your daily routine, many parents doubt that DIY measures at home will be enough. Parents are asking for resources to stop the learning loss, begin the reteaching process, and help kids be productive upon their return to the classroom – whenever and however that might be. 

Focus on what really matters.

Fortunately, kids are resilient, and you have options. With everyone falling behind, try not to compare how your child is coping with the coronavirus shutdown to what other students are doing. Since everyone learns at a different pace, your focus should be on your child’s progress along his or her unique academic path. In with regard to that personalized that Eye Level New York can help. Our independent tutoring programs will take the weight of preventing the COVID slide off your shoulders. 

Individualized Tutoring

At Eye Level, our approach to tutoring has always been one-on-one and totally individualized. To address the COVID slide, we have launched a new virtual coaching platform to deliver our math, reading, and writing tutoring programs remotely. Eye Level On Air puts hard copies of our proven learning materials in your child’s hands while leveraging modern technology to safely deliver personalized tutoring via any device with internet access. 

Providing Consistent Support

The supplemental education and enrichment delivered by Eye Level is perfect for the current situation of uncertainty because it is built around your child. Our mastery-based learning approach begins with a diagnostic assessment that pinpoints your student’s current ability level in each subject area. From there, he or she will master skills and concepts while progressing through a sequential, structured curriculum. Unlike school, Eye Level can be a consistent support for your child, helping him or her to regain progress that has already been lost, prevent further learning loss, and facilitate a seamless transition back to school. 

Every education is unique.

If your child has a learning disability, is struggling with home schooling, hates reading or math, or refuses to engage with you or teachers, Eye Level’s face-to-face academic coaching can prove particularly valuable. By combining an individually focused curriculum with one-on-one attention, Eye Level makes sure that not a minute of educational time is wasted. Because we meet your student where they are, Eye Level will help your child retain and build academic achievement regardless of what has happened so far this spring or what school looks like next year.

If you are worried about the impact the summer slide and the COVID Slide will have on your child’s academic progress, call to arrange a free individual assessment today. We are filling openings now for kids to work with Eye Level Teachers starting immediately, to work through the summer and straight into fall. It’s the proven way for New York students to get back up to speed and to transition painlessly back to school. 

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