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Top 10 Back to School Tips for Parents & Kids

Top 10 Back to School Tips for Parents & Kids

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Getting ready to go back to school after summer vacations is simultaneously worrying and exciting!
As the D-day looms ahead, your kids are excited about going back to school, to new experiences, eager to show off their better selves. At the same time, they are also worried about meeting new teachers, more workload, re-connecting with old friends, and perhaps meet new friends. On the other hand, the parent are worried about organizing things for them, following their daily schedule and assisting them with doing their best. it’s the classic cause for that butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling!
Don’t worry, to fight these ‘stress butterflies’, below are some back-to-school tips for children and parents, our solution for your dilemma.

Back to school from summer vacation worries should not deter you or your kids from enjoying either the holidays or the impending school days! However, your kids do face these pressures irrespective of whether or not they have enjoyed their summer vacations. Even kids who have no qualms about going back to school suffer from mild to moderate stress. But worry not, as the tips mentioned below are highly effective in combating them.

1. Understand Your Child’s Anxiety:
They have many fears and worries regarding their subjects of study, friends, class environment, teachers and assignments.

  • Your job is to give them support to cope with the fast changing environment.
  • The other factor, time, will help them calm down and come to terms with what is happening.

2. Direct Them On The Right Memories:
Make them focus more on the happy aspects of schooling.

  • Make your child remember going out with friends, chatting, playing in games classes, meeting new friends, wearing new uniform, etc.
  • Remind them of their new lunch box or water bottle. all this leaves a positive impression on their minds and makes them start afresh.

3. Be Vigilant:
Ask your kids what specifically worries them. Encourage them to confide in you and tell you their concerns.

  • Explain to them that getting tense on the initial days of school is natural.
  • Let them know that there is nothing to worry in the long run. They will soon adjust to the new surroundings and go to the school playfully.

4. Be Flexible:
Alter your timetable to help your kids. Spend quality time with them, in spite of your busy schedule.

  • During the first few weeks, be with them. If this is difficult, give them your undivided attention in the evenings.
  • Your kids may need you during the initial days of school and your presence can help them overcome insecurity and fear.

5. Field Trip!
Organize a visit to the school for your kids before it reopens. Talk to the school authorities, if needed.

  • This might help kids to get used to it and reduces their worries. As many of them don’t feel like going back to school.
  • They will become aware of the school as their next “home” and mentally prepare themselves to settle in comfortably.

6. Fix Playmates:
Get your kids to connect with their fellow classmates. This decreases their nervousness and makes them friendlier.

  • Getting guidance on academics and other concerned subjects then becomes easy.
  • Your kids may also be quite eager to go back school once they make good friends.

7. Ensure Sufficient Rest:
The time to stay awake late now must come to end. Tell them to go to bed early every night. Make sure that their room is comfortable.

  • Also ensure they have a good breakfast as it increases their attentiveness and helps them do well in school.
  • Proper rest and healthy meals are very important for the overall development of your kids.

8. List Them All:
Jot down important points for your kids, i.e., stuff they are likely to forget, in a diary.

  • These could be things like their locker combination, classroom numbers, bus driver’s name and the timings of classes and breaks.
  • Writing down such important stuff steps-up their confidence levels and makes them feel secure.

9. Teach Them Basics:
“Getting ready for school” is an art that has to be taught. Tell your kids to be more disciplined when it comes to packing their bags and preparing their uniforms.

  • This ensures that they are not late for school and spares them morning anxiety.
  • Knowing that their uniform and bag are all set for the next morning also comforts them the previous night.

10. Health Is Wealth:
Suffering from any physical or mental ailment can cause your kids to perform poorly in academics, sports and co-curricular activities.

  • Your kids may have suffered some ailment in the summer hols, make sure they are fully okay now.
  • Listen to your kids’ concerns patiently and teach them how to deal with bullies.

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