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3 Ways To Finish The NYC School Year Strong

3 Ways To Finish The NYC School Year Strong


As May begins, student motivation fades with the arrival of warm weather, turning eagerness to learn into laziness as they wait for the final bell. But, don’t let them run away from school and close the textbooks just yet! Instead, use these 4 tips to check in with your child and promote a strong finish to the school year.

Parent-Student Accountability

Parents, don’t let the end of the school year derail your routine! It’s tempting to relax during bedtime by letting kids stay up longer and skip homework nights as summer approaches, but maintaining consistency is key to fostering responsibility and perseverance in your children.

Don’t let sunny days and vacations disrupt your at-home schedule – stick to your routine to ensure your kids stay on track during the school day.

Teacher Check-In

As the school year draws to a close, make sure your child is on track for success by scheduling a meeting or even a call with their teacher. Take advantage of this valuable opportunity to review their progress, ask about missed assignments and potential extra credit, and motivate your child to stay focused and finish strong. With the help of their teacher, your child can finish the year on a high note and enjoy a well-deserved summer break.

Set Some Goals

Keep your students on track and focused towards the end of the school year with goals. Change is expected, but make sure their goals remain achievable. Check-in with them about their initial goals and adjust accordingly.

Help them pick a couple of challenging but attainable goals to conquer before the year ends, like memorizing a multiplication table or reading above their grade level.

Keep Learning At Eye Level

Whether your child needs help with a particular subject or wants to take the opportunity to explore something new before the school year ends, Eye Level NY is here to help.

Making learning fun and engaging is essential for helping children stay motivated and inspired.

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