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How to Prevent The Summer Slide With Eye Level NY

How to Prevent The Summer Slide With Eye Level NY

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Sliding down a waterslide in summer is thrilling for kids, but there’s another slide that’s not as enjoyable – the “summer slide.” This type of slide causes a drop in vital reading and math skills. 

Each year, students return to school in a worse state than before the summer break. While a break is essential, halting their education for months can have long-term effects. The solution? Balancing play, relaxation, and studying to ensure a healthy and productive return to the classroom. Eye Level NY is here to help. 

Want your child to avoid summer brain drain? It’s all about access to quality education programs and helpful resources, such as summer reading materials and activity sheets. Give your student the tools they need to succeed!

What is Summer Learning Loss?

Don’t let summer break zap your child’s academic skills! In just a couple of months, students typically lose 2 months of reading proficiency and up to 3 months of math skills. It takes about 1.5 months to get back up to speed. Act now to prevent this “summer slide” and ensure your child is ready for the next school year.

What Should I Do?

Give your child an engaging and structured learning experience this summer by enrolling them in an Eye Level Learning Center. No need to sacrifice vacation time or relaxation, as studies show that just a few hours of study per week can prevent summer learning loss. Establish a simple routine of reading, playing, and studying to keep your child’s knowledge fresh from the previous school year.

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