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Preventing the COVID Slide

The COVID Slide. It’s a name for what most parents are fearing for their kids. The summer slide, which is well-documented, already robs kids of at least two months of academic progress and requires six weeks of relearning each fall. This year, summer break is being combined with coronavirus shutdowns, adding up to an unprecedented […]

Math Enrichment for Preschool Age

A Vanderbilt University study reveals opportunities for parents to help their preschool-aged children more effectively when it comes to building early math skills.

Gifted Programs that Accelerate Students

A new survey of 2,000 elementary schools reveals that gifted classes aren’t necessarily delivering above-grade-level education or accelerating academic growth.

Eye Level’s Edge Over Kumon

If you’re looking for the right NYC supplemental education program for your child, it’s likely that you’ve encountered both Kumon and Eye Level Learning. Though these two approaches have elements in common, like highly individualized programming, worksheets, and repetition, they also have significant differences. Before you enroll your child in an enrichment or test-prep program, […]

ACT Math Scores Decline

As the parent of a young student, you needn’t look far to see evidence of the math crisis facing American schools. Another clear indicator of our nation’s failure to prepare kids to excel in math can be found in this year’s ACT results. This popular entrance exam is used by most colleges and universities to […]

Math: It’s a Brain Matter

Are you already seeing signs that your young child won’t be a math person? Don’t believe it. While nature does have a role to play, math achievement isn’t the product of inherent strengths. Mathematical abilities are formed by the kinds of experiences that build brain connections and empower thought about complex problems. It’s what we […]

Access Mastery-Based Learning in NYC

Mastery-Based Success Stories A recent Future of Learning piece in The Hechinger Report showcased an inspiring use of mastery-based learning from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district in North Carolina. In Molly Nealeigh’s fourth-grade math classroom, students complete assessments every 12 weeks, but they’re free of the pressure imposed on kids by standardized tests. Instead, they’re empowered. […]

Help your children avoid the summer slide with this Williston Park summer program

Help your children avoid the summer slide with this Williston Park summer program Eye Level of Williston Park is now offering a summer program to help prevent the summer slide. The summer program–which puts an emphasis on skills such as basic and critical thinking, problem solving, grammar, and vocabulary—consists of one hour of math instruction […]

Why Math Matters

In her book, The Smartest Kids in the World: And How They Got That Way, Time magazine journalist Amanda Ripley writes about Americans’ lackadaisical attitudes toward math, despite its thread being woven into practically every profession. From measuring floor covering to making change for customers, understanding math is crucial, and yet we sometimes downplay its […]

Smaller Classes Sizes Help Boost Math Scores in Anne Arundel County

Here at Eye Level, we believe that small class sizes and individualized learning is the key to helping every child reach his or her true potential.  So it’s no surprise to us finding out that Anne Arundel County school district has found that small class sizes led to better performance.  An excerpt from an article by […]